>Will I Sell My Retreat?

Since I have been asked this question more than once, I will address this question. The short answer is "not at any price." The longer answer is "Maybe, but if someone has that much money, why not just buy some remote land and hire a crew to build one?"

Let's say you have a crew of 10 strong skilled men who clearly don't know what they're in for. They wouldn't work in the desert under these conditions, carrying huge loads a mile up a wash, for less than $30 per hour each, or about $300 per day. More likely it is $40-$50 per hour. But let's take the optimistic figure. That's $3000 per day for 10 laborers, and considering the complexity of a self-sufficient, off-grid home, installing all systems, you're looking at six months to a year of work, depending on the bells and whistles you want.

One year at the cheapest rate is $1,395,000, if you don't feed your crew, and that's just labor. By the time you add in the cost of building materials, crew shelter and transport, tools, vehicles your cost might be twice that or more, say $2,500,000 or 2 1/2 million. And oops, 10 laborers now know your secret hideout and soon many more will. Where do you think they will go when they need shelter and food? So much for secrecy and security.

The reality of inflation is that $1 million just doesn't buy as much as it used to, and the cost of skilled labor has gone up also. But hey, if you are still interested in a really isolated and secure retreat, it's possible we could work something out, before your money loses all of its value.

You'd be better advised to find an existing property with a solid house already built, and use any extra cash to install your photovoltaic system, rainwater system or well or both, passive heating and cooling, et cetera. However, it is unlikely that the place you find is invisible from existing roads, and invariably has an access road up to the house - the weak link in nearly all houses, regardless how remote. You'd be on the map with an address and under the watchful eyes of building inspectors. The only way to avoid them, and all other officials, unwanted visitors, vandals, is to be totally invisible and inaccessible by road.

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This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now. This survival retreat in the desert is the demonstration of various technologies which help us become free of dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and other things which are part of the problems we face as a global community.

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