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Unless you're stuck on an iceberg or in a barren place, you can usually find something to burn to make a cooking fire. But let's say you can't make a fire to cook; in that case you might find materials to make a solar oven. It's easier than it sounds. If you can find some foam or house insulation like fiberglass or can make papier-mâché, the rest is not hard. You'll need a piece of window glass about 1 foot square or a bit smaller. Here's the idea:

Sunlight shines through the glass side of an insulated box, reflects off the aluminum foil inside of the box and shines on a black pot or other container. The pot gets hotter, due to the light converting to heat, and the insulation prevents heat from escaping the box. A well-made solar oven can not only cook (boil), it can bake bread. Depending on what materials and tools you have available, make a box, preferably from sheet metal, with one side as the piece of glass. Now cover all sides of the box outside with one or two inches of insulating foam or make some from papier-mâché. Ideally, cover the entire box with plywood, cardboard or other material. One side must be removable or hinged, so you can put a pot inside and remove it later. Some solar ovens put the sheet of glass on the hinges and use the glass as the door.

Cover the inside walls with aluminum foil, shiny side facing the inside of the box, the dull side towards the walls. To make the oven more efficient, make a four-sided light funnel to reflect more light into the box.

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