In addition to the main parts of the Survival Retreat - house, water, food - I have experiemnted with other 'projects', many of which are necessary for the development of the Retreat, but don't in themselves warrant a main heading.

Sand & Gravel Harvesting - Concrete is made from Portland Cement, sand and gravel and water. I carry out the cement and harvest the sand and gravel from my wash. Here's how...

Tool Shed - The first construction I wish I had made.

Quartz Lights - Lots of quartz lying around, so I made lights out of them, using LEDs.

Manure Harvesting - Cows produce an incredible amount of fertilizer, left behind for the taking. But to make it really useful and easy to transport, I 'processed' it first, so far over 1000 pounds of it.

Access Path - Getting to my hard-to-access retreat is a challenge. This project covers the work to modify the wash I use into a road for my ATV.

Dam - I found a perfect place in my wash for a dam.

On Growing
Survival Food

More DVDs
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This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now. This survival retreat in the desert is the demonstration of various technologies which help us become free of dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and other things which are part of the problems we face as a global community.

The DVDs will appear here as they become available.