>Manure Harvesting

Manure...not a glamorous material, to be sure, but to a food grower, manure is gold. Not far away from my land, ranchers let their cattle roam freely, grazing wherever they want. If the neighbors don't want cattle on their property, they have to fence them out.

With hundreds of animals around, finding a good supply of manure is easy. But dry 'chips' can be over a foot across and weigh up to 5 pounds. They're odd-shaped, hard to bag or carry in a backpack, so I made a cow-chip mill to grind them into large crumbs, like Wheat Chex cereal. They bag easily this way and, once sealed in 10 pound bags, I place six bags on a bed sheet, wrap and tie the bundle and strap it to my backpack.

Over a two-week period, I processed and bagged about 2000 pounds of this 'gold'. Once composted, you can mix it with pure sand and grow an entire garden of veggies on that.

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This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now. This survival retreat in the desert is the demonstration of various technologies which help us become free of dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and other things which are part of the problems we face as a global community.

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