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Greywater is a concept that is so easy to understand and hardly rocket science to install, I am puzzled why more houses and buildings don't use it. In a home, water going down the drain (sink, shower, etc..), laundry water and any other used water is determined gray water.

Flush toilets produce blackwater. Unfortunately, most homes mix blackwater with massive amounts of greywater, resulting in, well, massive amounts of blackwater. Because blackwater contains feces (pathogens), it must be treated differently than greywater. However, by mixing everything together, the result is that a huge amount of blackwater must be treated, rather than the relatively small amount actually produced from toilets.

A better idea is to keep the two waste waters separate and treat them separately. If you use environmentally friendly soaps and shampoo, you may not need to do anything to your greywater. Just use it to water trees and plants.

I once did an experiment on an apricot tree, one of 25 acquired from the Department of Agriculture on the island of Cyprus, where I created the Center for Ecology and Alternative Technology, a large survival retreat. For two years, I took my showers while standing next to this small tree. I used ordinary soap and shampoo, not the organic, sustainable cool stuff. After two years, the tree was easily five times larger than the others and the leaves were huge, even compared to a full-grown tree. I observed no harmful effects of all that soap.

I also piped water directly from the kitchen sink to several young grapevines, and they thrived on it. One of my DVDs covers my greywater system along with other projects. Blackwater, although not the topic here, can be avoided entirely, by using no-flush toilets: composting (the unit compost wastes inside) or compost (the unit collects waste to be composted elsewhere).

It's time to abandon the 17th century device invented to get our crap out of sight, and adopt sustainable technologies which work better and save a lot a water.

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