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So, what can you do with sunflower seeds? Well, this may sound really odd to someone raised on TV dinners, Big Macs, peanut butter and Pepsi, but I'm going to tell you, no BS, what you can do with sunflower seeds. Ready? Well... you can eat them.

I know, that sounds ridiculous, right? I mean, isn't that stuff like bird seed or something? Are you ready for this? Yes, sunflower seeds are like bird seeds, and the key word here is 'seed'. Seeds, like wheat, corn, rice, barley, millet, rye have fed billions of people on this planet for thusands of years. In short, seeds are good food, probably the best nutrition you can find.

Why sunflower seeds? The complete answer is beyond the scope of this web site, but let me just say that sunflower seeds are among the most complete foods known to man, and most men don't know this.

Go ahead, look it up - the nutritional content of sunflower seeds. The list of nutrients is long. If you ask me - and in my lectures in over 30 countries, people often have - what is the most nutritious food you know? My answer? Right, sunflower seeds. The other question, one I often ask my audience, is:

If you had to choose only one kind of food to eat for the rest of your life, which food would it be? That's a hard one, because you can only pick one. Some people in poor countries would say rice and beans or corn and beans, their staples, but they couldn't pick one. Before reading on, pick one yourself. My answer, of course, is sunflower seeds. I picked it 40 years ago. I would still pick it today.

Soak sunflower seeds overnight in water. After that, there are many ways to eat them: by the handfull, just soaked, sprouted until six inches long and with leaves, pureed into a pudding or sauce, liquified into milk. My favorite is a milk shake recipe I invented, using dates and carob. One or two glasses of this milk shake in the morning, and I don't even think about food until 5pm, it's that satisfying and nutritious. Try it.

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